The Weekly Web Roundup: February 2, 2020

February is here, and Australia’s forgotten what season it is.

We’ve had 40+ degrees and sub-20 with monsoon-level rainfalls all in the same week here in Adelaide. It’s the kind of thing most Aussies joke that only happens in Melbourne, but these days it’s everywhere.

It’s not all bad news though, because it means we get to keep playing with ideas and styles that we usually have to wait until later in the year to bring out.

This week: black knitted ties reign supreme, bold patterns abound and Ivy influenced style continues to grasp my attention.


What I like:

I commented in my post on knitted ties that black knitted ties are a great way for a man to wear a black long bladed tie and not look like a funeral attendee, security guard or be viewed as generally clueless. In fact, it gives the opposite vibe – it looks very stylish.

It’s paired nicely here with a bold green tartan sport jacket which I think is a perfect pairing.


What I like:

There’s nothing super edgy, bold or obvious happening in this outfit and that’s what I like about it. It’s just a nicely colour co-ordinated, well fitting ensemble. It’s the kind of thing that looks equally considered and thrown on – which is what many of us strive to embody.


What I like:

This has a really 70s celebrity vibe with the earthy colour palette and boldly patterned camp collar shirt, and I just really enjoyed the fun nature of it. It’s something I’d happily wear for a ride to the beach on a warm summer day.


What I like:

I love a good dressy outfit with light wash jeans. This one hits the spot with cream shirt and dark coloured jacket with a healthy dose of texture, capped off with the woollen watch cap which is trending heavily this year.

Drake’s always has a stellar feed and this lives up to their reputation.

That’s all for today!

It’s a shorter one this week with only four, but I’d rather keep it short and sweet than include filler.

What’s your favourite from this week?

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