The Weekly Web Roundup: January 5, 2020

New year, new goodness.

New Year’s festivities have come and gone, but style doesn’t stop for holidays. The gentlemen of the Web continue to provide fresh inspiration for us all.

This week I saw a lot of awesome looks, with unique colours and patterns used. Some layering action, and some simplicity.

And I’m going to share my favourite one first.

Here goes…


What I like:

Fresh memo: the golden age of Hollywood is back.

Have you ever seen someone in this age so at home in a straw boater hat? This is the best I’ve seen. This tonal look works just as well today as it would have in the golden age of cinema… and it looks just as much at home in today’s style world as it would have back then, if you ask me.


What I like:

I’m seeing many looks like this from our friends across the pond in their current winter season. Jacket, trousers, roll-neck sweater and snazzy shoes.

It’s so popular because it’s so easy to look absolutely smashing doing it. Get the colour harmonies going, and it’s effortless elegance.

Will has made good use of visually interesting texture to add a pop of interest to this outfit, and the suede footwear gives a little extra to boot.


What I like:

One thing I’ve learned about Dennis in the last couple of months is that he has an enviable penchant for unique colours in his wardrobe. His jacket collection continues to inspire interest.

I think the use of striped shirt and tie play well with the details of this jacket, namely the defined stitching around the lapels. I’m not usually a big fan of cardigan vests/sweaters, but I like what it brings to this ensemble.


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Blend in

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What I like:

This outfit is a gorgeous exercise in tonal combination. The texture of the suit really enhances the cable knit of the sweater, and vice versa.

I’m hoping to pick up a cable knit in a similar shade for the next Australian winter. I’m yet to see anyone go wrong with wearing one.


What I like:

It’s refreshing to see a really rustically styled country jacket like this one, in a traditional three button stance.

But that’s not the real beauty of this particular picture.

Just look at the pattern matching! Exquisite. With attention to detail this highly executed, why would you want to spoil it with a pocket square?

That’s all for today!

This concludes the first Weekly Roundup of the new year. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings from the sartorial community.

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