The Weekly Web Roundup: Dec 29, 2019

The final WWR of 2019.

This time around: five to add to the cooler climate lookbook. The gentlemen in the wintry corners of the world are providing some smashing style inspo lately!

Here are the final 5 inspirers for 2019:


What I like:

There’s something Steve McQueen in the vibe of this outfit. The textures are all there, the browns and greys are in wonderful harmonising shades and the wearer looks like he’s ready to jump on a motorcycle and speed off into the unknown for a weekend on the road in style.


What I like:

The more layers you have, the more difficult it gets to coordinate all of them. Hence when you see someone rocking a jacket and trouser rig with overcoat, hat, scarf, tie and even umbrella in harmony you are looking at a man with taste and ability. Marco has smartly used a minimum amount of pattern in the outfit, leaving the colours and textures to do most of the work. If you were to try having lots of patterns going on as well, the chance of appearing as a circus exponentially increases.

Instead of that, Marco looks here like the epitome of gentleman with taste.


What I like:

This is a nice, bright tonal look that I feel would be really at home on a temperate Autumn day. The turtleneck and sport jacket combo is something I’m keen to try more of when the Australian winter comes back.


What I like:

The thing that interested me about this outfit was the heavily centred use of blue, which on first glance would lead me to think ‘too much’. However the presence of the colour has been tempered nicely by the play between the paler shirt and the pale red tie, which makes for a nice transition to the light and dark browns of the coat and trousers.

The trousers do appear to be too tight however.


What I like:

One commenter on the original post puts it perfectly: ‘beautiful mix of colours and patterns‘.

Particularly high marks go to Erik here for using a tattersall shirt in a way that I like (I really don’t like tattersall or gingham). It looks right at home as the shirt pattern and provides lovely contrast to the strong tie pattern and the houndstooth of the jacket. Even the cardigan’s buttons get in on the proportion action here, brought into the mix by the size of the tie print.

This really is a masterfully combined ensemble, and a great way to round out 2019’s final WWR.

That’s all for this year!

This brings us to the end of the inspiration catalogue for 2019. There have been some cracking fits cooked up by men all over the world this year.

Which one was your favourite?

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