The Weekly Web Roundup: Dec 14, 2019

The countdown to Christmas is drawing to a close.

Spruce up your lookbooks this season with some fresh new looks from some of the best on the web. Are you one of those people who never knows how to respond when someone asks what you want for Christmas?

Maybe you’ll see something below that piques your interest…


What I like:

I’m starting to see a resurgence of camel hair sport coats recently, which is great. They’re one of the pieces I most enjoyed seeing in photos from the 1970s and earlier.

This particular one is well paired with shades of grey and brown. There’s not an excessive amount of patterning going on, but there is still plenty for the eyes to feast on.


What I like:

As much as Valstarino jackets like this are currently in vogue, I think they make a lot of men’s silhouettes appear on the pudgy side unnecessarily. Robert – however – is one of the few who I’ve seen that look right at home in one. I like the pairing here with blue pleated pants and patterned scarf; refined and tasteful.


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Slouchy posture and #pocketfisting That’s me!

A post shared by Ethan M. Wong (@ethanmwong) on

What I like:

I really like Ethan’s approach to casualising tailoring; this particular outfit is a good example of how he does it. The shirt has an interesting pattern and the choice of neckwear livens up the outfit enough that there’s no chance anyone seeing this outfit is going to default to thinking ‘corporate’.


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Friday look.

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What I like:

Being a peaked cap wearer myself I’m always saving outfits that utilise them well. This one’s a solid example.

What livens this outfit up nicely is the bright colours of the torso base layer and the sweater wrapped casually around the neck. It’s a warm, cosy look.


What I like:

Luca is a continual source of style inspiration to me. His outfits are always refined with that perfect Italian hint of individuality and nonchalance; sprezzatura.

This particular outfit could have been photographed decades ago or just yesterday, however it would look equally at home in both instances. That’s why Alan Flusser calls sartorial style the art of permanent fashion.

That’s all for today!

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