The Weekly Web Roundup: Dec 8, 2019

The countdown to Christmas is on! Here’s another dose of weekly inspiration.

This week: more chalk stripe goodness, plenty of jackets and roll necks. Some tonal looks, and a killer three piece for a desert summer.

1: @kleidsam

What I like:

Dennis calls this his ultimate FU suit. It’s easy to see why, with the jetted hacking pockets and ticket pocket alongside the single button jacket. It’s a feast of sartorial flourishes in the details and a grand display of nonchalance when considering the large lapels of the jacket and waistcoat. Any man wearing an ensemble like this is sure to stand out from the crowd.

2: @dapperpassion

What I like:

I dig this tonal look. It’s light, playful and lets the lovely houndstooth pattern of the sport jacket do the talking. I’m forever a fan of forward pleated trousers.

Note to self for next winter: acquire a cream or beige roll neck.

3: @sartorialchap

What I like:

This is a versatile casual outfit that would look great on just about anyone, and it’s good to see Liam doing his part to show the world that three button jackets aren’t dead. The mustard coloured sweater does well in centring the rest of the outfit here, playing buffer between the deep blue of the denim and the brown of the jacket.

4: @arakeinprogress

What I like:

I like this laid back approach to the chalk striped suit. Usually thought of as a power suit, most people wouldn’t think of this style of suit in any formation other than with businesslike shirt and tie. I’ve been really enjoying seeing some of the blokes on Instagram playing with more dressed down approaches to chalk stripes, and the results they bring.

This fit is part of that charm.

5: @mathiaslefevre

What I like:

Right out of an Egyptian archaeology expedition, but with a dash of modern touch. I like the natural bright colour, and the tonal pairing with brown shirt/hat/accessories.

I’ll add a suit like this to the long list of things I want to make.

That’s all for today!

This brings an end to one of the last Weekly Web Roundups for 2019! Only three more to go.

Which one was your favourite?

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