The Weekly Web Roundup: Nov 30, 2019

Back in action with five more outfits to inspire your weekend.

It’s catch up time! There was no WWR last week due to illness, but this week resumes as normal.

1: @thedonsclub

What I like:

This is the kind of outfit I used to see on working class characters in film noir, but given a twist of refinement and sartorial flair with the roll neck sweater. I love the tonal colour story, the simplicity allows the fit, proportions and details to shine. This kind of look is flattering on everybody and that’s what makes it great.

2: @ethanmwong

What I like:

I really enjoyed Ethan’s recent blog post about using visible striped undershirts. I don’t own a mariniere myself but have been thinking about it for a while and will likely grab one soon after seeing many great casual fits featuring them.

Also, white socks can look great when paired with loafers and showcased intentionally.

3: @charlestyrwhittfan

What I like:

This outfit is a study in texture and pattern matching. I’m a fan of the PoW tie and its interplay with the herringbone tweed jacket. The cardigan is well utilised to provide some visual separation between the two bold textures, which prevents them from having to compete for attention.

4: @sartoriale_elegance

What I like:

I have just recently discovered Mssr. Dike’s instagram account, and a standout for me is the lovely classical proportions of his suits; with this one being a good example. The lapels are full and wide, the waist on the pants is high and the jacket has a good length. Jackets tend to be worn with shorter tails these days, but I am increasingly becoming a fan of classical length jackets like these. They are proportionally kind to the figure.

5: @armandomadrid

What I like:

I like the usage of a trenchcoat in this casual outfit. What makes it really work for me is the proportions of the coat – as you will see the comment I wrote on Armando’s post – as the coat is long enough to have a traditional flair, but short enough to appeal to modern sensibilities. If it was any longer, the coat would lose versatility. If it was any shorter, the coat would become more like a jacket; a problem experienced by many high street brands’ recent interpretations of the style.

This one though: perfect.

That’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed today’s mix of outfits. Make sure to check out the featured accounts and you might find your next style icon!

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