The Weekly Web Roundup: Nov 17, 2019

Five more fits from the internet’s finest.

This week on the WWR: see a cheeky twist on the pinstripe suit, two classic gentleman’s outfits, a subtly sprezzed jacket and trouser combo and witness the elegance of a perfectly draped trouser.

1: @ccxwood

What I like:

This is a cool twist on the classic navy pinstripe suit. I love the addition of the turtleneck sweater, which gives it a rakish vibe without flagrantly flouting the rules of stylishly wearing pinstripes. I’m surprised to see myself say that I like the beanie as well, but it adds to the vibe. This guy has the idea of cool locked down.

I think the notched lapels, horizontally placed flap pockets and slightly shorter jacket length help casualise the suit enough for the rollneck and beanie combo to work. If this was tried with a traditional length, double breasted suit I doubt the result would be so good.

2: @j.robie

What I like:

Everything Robert does sartorially, he does well; this outfit is no exception. The colour story is lovely, with harmonious interplay between all elements. The proportions are good, and the patterns play nicely off each other with the knit tie, check jacket, textured trousers and plain shirt. Everything is done in tasteful moderation.

3: @afterthesuit

What I like:

Colin showcases here a classic gentleman’s outfit. The colours are kept conservative yet interesting enough to affect a little bit of flair, with careful attention paid to proportion and patterning. This is an outfit that any man could wear with pride.

4: @nicke.nystrom

What I like:

I like a simple fit that utilises attractive colours and just a hint of pattern, as shown with the university striped unbuttoned-down shirt. It allows the beholder to have a greater appreciation for things like fit, proportion and details, which are abundant in this outfit with the beautifully knotted tie, pleats, jacket details and the cheekily unbuttoned collar points.

5: @thezanification

What I like:

I’ve included this outfit because it exemplifies the virtue of a beautifully fitted, well draped trouser. It is an aesthetic that all men should aspire to; the wearer certainly knows this and has chosen to let this excellent pair of trousers speak uninterruptedly for itself in the outfit.

That’s all for today!

Which one was your favourite?

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