The Weekly Web Roundup: Nov 10, 2019

A fresh dose of style inspiration from the best on the gram.

Some classic and some unorthodox in the mix this week, with one piece of common ground: lovely lapels.

1: @whyweweardotcom

What I like:

Kicking off this week with a textbook American Ivy look. Navy and grey is a classic combination that never goes wrong. The red and navy necktie is enhanced by the navy on the jacket and the pattern on the socks. The suede penny loafers add a touch of flair to make the outfit the wearer’s own.

2: @kleidsam

What I like:

I’m sure this coat turns heads everywhere Dennis goes, because eye catching is an understatement. The fit and finish of this overcoat DEMANDS attention. The dark two tone shoes, blue shirt and pale tonal tie complement the coat nicely; the suit underneath is wisely austere to let what’s on show do the talking.

3: @urbancomposition

What I like:

Another stunning camel coloured overcoat, this time paired boldly with whites. The Polo Ralph Lauren rollneck cable knit is an absolute star, and the shoes being matched to the colour of the jacket makes this a killer two tone ensemble.

4: @dennyspirit

What I like:

This is a rustic vintage look that somehow appears at home in a modern world. I’ve never seen a look with a jacket like this before that I’ve liked, but this one is pulled off really nicely. The monotone colour story allows for the fit and details to be the stars of the show; a wise choice with so much for the eye to take in. An impressive ensemble with film noir vibes.

5: @buzzspoke

What I like:

Taking stripes like this and trying to work with them as odds rather than a suit is a challenge that not many can attempt and succeed at. One trick to doing it well is shown here; match the colour of the stripes with a plain colour on the other garment. I really like the element of difference that the dark base colour of the jacket brings to this otherwise light and summery look; it is unique and individual.

That’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s dose of style inspiration. I love the individual touch that is put on these looks! See you next time.

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