The Weekly Web Roundup: Oct 13, 2019

It is the weekend again; the time has come.

Some unique fits compose this week’s edition of the WWR. Get your weekly dose of style inspiration!

1: @drakesdiary

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Drake’s, AW19 #drakes

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What I like:

I’m a well-professed lover of the rugby shirt, so any outfit with a well utilised rugby is a winner for me. Wearing them under jackets is something I haven’t quite perfected yet, and this example – to me – is inspiration in how to perfect that rugged country look with jacket over rugby.

2: @arakeinprogress

What I like:

I like the fairly simplistic colour palette here, given how it lets the patterns and textures play off of each other in order to create a visually interesting outfit. It’s really well executed, exuding elegance.

3: @armandomadrid

What I like:

Who knew mustard and grey could look so good in such a modern way?

4: @danielmessana

What I like:

I’m a big fan of the turtleneck too, it’s a fantastic style. The look has been well executed here with harmony. The pattern on the jacket plays nicely with the sweater.

5: @tarosixstrings

What I like:

So many lovely textures and patterns working together in the top half of this outfit. The lower half has wisely been conservative in order to let the torso shine.

That’s all for today!

Hope you got some inspiration out of this week’s WWR! See you in next week’s edition.

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