When Should Your Shirt Have a Breast Pocket?

There’s a time and a place for everything.

That extends to breast pockets on shirts, too. Ever noticed that sometimes a shirt with a pocket looks good, and other times it looks bad?

It’s because there’s a rule of thumb for when you should – and when you shouldn’t – have a pocket there.

What’s that rule, you ask?

One key question: are you wearing a jacket?

This is all it boils down to. That thing you noticed about breast pockets sometimes looking bad?

It was probably when someone wore a shirt with a breast pocket underneath a tailored jacket.

When wearing a suit or sport jacket, avoid having a breast pocket on your shirt. It sticks out into the V zone created by the jacket and messes with the symmetry.

It’s a no-no.

Pocketless shirts keep the lines clean:

Is your shirt the outer layer? You’re good to go!

If your shirt is the outer layer, you don’t have to worry about the breast pocket messing with the symmetry. You can possibly wear a pocketed shirt under more casual jackets like bomber jackets or Harringtons.

Just be aware that a breast pocket makes the shirt a lot more casual.

So, if you’re wearing a business or business casual outfit, avoid the breast pocket. Go for a clean fronted shirt.

That’s all for today!

A short and sweet one for today. Make sure to keep that rule of thumb handy:

Tailored jacket, businesswear or business casual? No pocket. Casual look with shirt as outer layer? Good to go.

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