3 Month Update: Chester Barkly ‘Sweat Free Tee’ Performance Review

It’s one thing to rate a product upon first reception.

However, what is really valuable is information regarding the performance of a product as time wears on. Especially a product with a premise as good as this one.

The Sweat Free Tee was received by me with glowing praise. You can read the original review here.

How does it hold up 3 months down the track?

Revisiting the Idea

The premise of the Chester Barkly product is convenient and invisible; an undershirt designed to stop the appearance of those pesky sweat marks on the armpits of your shirt.

It is offered by a gentleman who wished to solve the problem for himself. When he found a successful solution in the undershirt, he proceeded to offer the product for sale to other Australian men who suffered from the same issue.

If you would like to read more about Elliot – the founder of CB – make sure to check out our interview here.

Chester Barkly’s undershirt is constructed of modal, a fabric made from beechwood. In the armpit zone, an extra layer is sewn in containing a synthetically treated barrier which soaks up the sweat that would otherwise make its way – conspicuously – into the material in your outer shirt’s armpit region.

With a quick recap in place, let’s proceed to the update:

Warmer Weather Approaches: Does the Shirt Stand Up?

I happened upon the CB tee in the middle of winter. The appearance of sweat on an everyday basis is naturally minimal during this period, which means that most men would find little utility in the product (unless affected by varying degrees of hyperhidrosis, such as myself).

With Spring now in season and a few days in the high 20s under the belt, the Sweat Free Tee has had more of a real-world test now. I am pleased to say that I am as satisfied with the product now as I was when I first received it.

Though the Australian summer will be the ultimate test, I am now concretely assured of being free from the appearance of sweat stains for at least half of the year.

Half of the year more than I ever used to get. So far, so good!

Further Product Updates

I am aware that the base price of one shirt has now risen to $50. The usual discount of -$10 per extra shirt is still in place. I still believe this is a very small price to pay, given the benefit that stands to be received.

There is still a 110% money back guarantee if the product does not work for you. This is not just bold posturing, it is a testament to the seller’s belief in the product. I am told that the company is yet to receive a single return request; an excellent track record.

The website has been improved and is much easier to read and navigate. All positive changes with this brand!

Parting Thoughts

I now have three of these tees and wear them daily in rotation, washing all once per week. This may become more frequent during the summer. Given the stated FAQ on the site, these should have a lifespan of approximately 52 weeks.

When that time comes next year, I will be buying a five-pack.

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading. I will provide another update at the 6 month mark.

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You can follow Chester Barkly on Facebook here and visit the site at ChesterBarkly.com.au. Remember to use the code STS15OFF at checkout for 15% off your total order!

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