The Weekly Web Roundup: Sep 28, 2019

It is the weekend again; the time has come.

Time for another edition of the Weekly Web Roundup, where I post some of my favourite fresh style inspo from the week that was.

See below five fantastic outfits from the best on the ‘gram.

1: @whyweweardotcom

What I like:

This is a great prep style look with the bold polo taking centre stage. The colours play very nicely with the jacket and square, the white pants are a good choice with the white collar on the shirt.

2: @armandomadrid

What I like:

This is a great example of how conservative dress doesn’t need to be boring. A plain white pocket square and a subtly patterned tie add so much to this outfit, where many men would avoid one or the other accessory. Please, gentlemen; accessorise.

3: @charlestyrwhittfan

What I like:

This is a great example of a super casual outfit, and goes to show that you can even dress up the most casual of denim washes. The turtleneck colour is a great choice for transitioning between the browns of the jacket and the washed blue of the jeans.

4: @nicke.nystrom

What I like:

A fantastic use of all brown tones. A turtleneck rolled so high may not be for everyone, but it works in this case; if it wouldn’t work for you, try a different cut of sweater.

I love that brown is coming more and more back into style; this outfit is part of what makes me appreciate the colour so much.

5: @eduardoxavier_elstylist

What I like:

The use of hat adds so much to this outfit. It’s really well fitted and just goes to show how much a well-fitted hat can do for you; Eduardo has a few videos on his Insta about how to select a well fitted hat which are well worth checking out.

That’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed this round of outfit inspo. See you next time!

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Beginning to blog at the start of his menswear journey in 2019, Sam founded this site to reflect the journey. Sam is now heavily involved in the Adelaide menswear store Beg Your Pardon, also co-launching Sartorial Social Club in 2021.

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