The Weekly Web Roundup: Sep 21, 2019

It is the weekend again; the time has come.

Time for another edition of the Weekly Web Roundup! See five fantastic outfits from the best on the ‘gram.


What I like:

A really retro styled outfit that looks just as good today as it would have in its heyday. A good 3 roll 2 lapel is always a winner too. What’s a 3 roll 2 lapel? Find out here.

What makes it retro style? The gun club check, lower gorge height, old school watch and the colour palette.

2: @urbancomposition

What I like:

There isn’t much to pick apart about this one, it’s just textbook elegance.

3: @permanentstylelondon

What I like:

This outfit is a great usage of natural, earthy tones with the pop of blue to set it off. It’s a casual vibe for everyday wear that still looks super smart.

4: @aglorifiedcrew

What I like:

A good herringbone is always hard to pass up, and this brown is simply gorgeous. The fairly conservative tie allows for a burst of energy from the pocket square which is utilised to full effect.

5: @arakeinprogress

What I like:

Great earth tones again here, with the natural linen suit’s simplicity allowing for a striking double breasted stance to take centre stage. The use of a white pocket square with colour coded trim is an effortless style trick which always pairs nicely when co-ordinated with the shirt.

Usually I am not big on neckties being the same colour as shirts, but I think the pop of texture on this particular tie makes it work.

That’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time!

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With content features ranging from appearances on popular menswear hubs (The Rake, StyleForum, Put This On) to French perfume newsletters and university course readings, Sam is a writer, designer and enthusiast in the fields of menswear and fragrance.

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