The Weekly Web Roundup: Sep 7, 2019

Introducing the Weekly Roundup, where I will post five outfit shots from around the web that I have liked (and a little bit about why).

1: @thedonsclub

What I liked:

The use of brown. While navy and khaki or navy and grey are perhaps the most go-to combinations of jacket and trousers, the choice of brown is – in my opinion – worthy of being right up there with the aforementioned. It complements so well, and the choice of tie does a good job of making a harmonious transition between the jacket and trousers.

2: luca_rubinacci

What I like:

It is no secret that blue and orange are a smashing pairing. This pairing of navy suit with orange chalk stripes – alongside colour co-ordinated accessories – is a boldly well executed two-tone outfit. The outfit is playful enough that it can be dressed up or down simply with choice of shoes; in this case Luca has dressed it down with some tidy penny loafers.

3: @blakescott

What I like:

This is a super clean outfit for spring or summer. Everything is harmonious, the white jacket is an eye-catcher and those two tone shoes are simply gorgeous.

4: @side.adjuster

What I like:

In a time where peacocking with bold patterns and loud statements is quite common, it is refreshing to see a really clean look put together with solid colours. The simplicity of the fabrics allows the details and handiwork on the garments to speak for themselves. The yellow shirt is a good choice.

5: @j.robie

What I like:

It is not every man who can take striped trousers like that and pull them off for casual wear. The size of the stripes here – coupled with the distance separating them – makes them at home in this casual outfit, where a more traditionally spaced chalk stripe would look like an orphaned suit separate.

Keeping everything else similarly coloured and letting the trousers be the statement is what makes this outfit really pop to me.

That’s all for today!

Stay tuned for next week when we will do this all again. Thanks for reading!

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