The Seasonal Sale Roundup: Wednesday, September 4

Spring is in the air, and many retailers are slashing prices as the season changes. It is a great time to get some online shopping in. Here are some current sales I have learned of, all collected in one handy location.

My Top Pick:


Mid Season Sale: 30-50% Off. Huge deals here!

Ben Sherman

30% off selected styles.

Calvin Klein

Buy 2, save 40%.

Chester Barkly

15% off all Sweat Free Tee orders when you use code STS15OFF at checkout.

You can read my review of this product here!


Select Desert Boot models on sale with free shipping.

That’s all for today!

Hope you score a cracker deal.

Want your menswear sale listed on here? Drop me a line through the contact form. Know of a sale going on that is not listed here? Let us know in the comments!

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Sam founded STS in 2019 to help his fellow man to dress (and smell) fantastic, and most importantly to enjoy it! He works as a fitter at the made to measure tailoring store Beg Your Pardon in Adelaide, South Australia.

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